Blackjack Strategy Basics

Secrets for Hitting and Standing, Doubling Down, Splitting and Surrender.

Playing online blackjack can be one of the most fun and rewarding activities that virtual gaming aficionados can experience. Those who play these casino games can expect to take part in hours of entertainment, fund and exciting hands and perhaps most importantly of all, there is always the opportunity to win a substantial payout. However, blackjack is much more than simply attempting to reach as close to a score of twenty-one as possible without busting. Instead, there is a great deal of useful strategic options that players need to be made aware of. So, it only makes sense to have a brief overview of some of the basic strategies, when each should be employed and how they will increase the odds of winning.

Hitting and Standing

These two options will directly determine a winning or losing match. Which to choose will centrally revolve around which cards one is dealt at the online casino and what the dealer displays. As a rule of thumb, if the dealer displays an ace, there is a high probability that his or her next card will be a face value of ten. In this case, it is a wise idea to play aggressively, as the dealer will be likely to have a strong hand. When the player receives an ace, the chances of drawing a face card are naturally higher (also depending if the dealer has drawn a face value). In this situation, hitting will be the best option. However, when the player reaches a seventeen or higher, it is wise to stand. Finally, when the dealer displays a seven, eight or a nine, he will not be able to make a blackjack. Once again, hitting is the best option for the player.

Doubling Down

This method is also popular when playing online casino blackjack games. While there are already a number of advantages of playing online gambling games, doubling down is a tactic that can prove additionally useful. This is one of the most favourable positions for the player, for doubling one’s bet after receiving the first two cards can obviously increase the amount that will be won. Recall that this strategy should only be employed when the dealer’s hand is considered weak. This method is most frequently utilised when the dealer’s card values are between two and six (he or she will be more likely to bust). Thankfully, there are many social media sites devoted to blackjack strategy that will provide a more in-depth analysis of this methodology.


On larger gaming sites such as those at, this conservative approach can sometimes prove the safest bet. Surrendering allows a player to forfeit his or her hand after the second card is drawn while only losing half of the initial money that was wagered. There are two main types: early and late. In early surrender, the player opts out before the dealer checks his or her cards for a blackjack. The more common circumstance is a later surrender. In this scenario, the dealer will view the cards. If they do not have a blackjack, the player is allowed to surrender. It is important to know when to use this option. To lose a lesser amount, a player should be only twenty-five per cent likely to win the hand. Any number over this percentage can actually cost the player funds upon a forfeit. An in-depth online casino guide will frequently offer advice that will help players understand when to employ this technique and which odds need to be taken into account.

Regarding all of these previously mentioned strategies, it is first important to appreciate the number of advantages that online casino sites offer the player. As opposed to a traditional table, online blackjack is not prone to human error (possibly excluding the use of a live dealer) and thus, all strategies are seen to be completely unaffected by such external variables. Finally, it should not be overlooked that the larger sites offer valuable casino points, cash bonuses, tournament entries and other rewards simply for joining and playing an engaging hand of blackjack or two. By combining an educated strategy with such amenities, blackjack has truly never been more rewarding.